Corporate Wedding Vows

Rosana Francescato
3 min readDec 7, 2022
Rafael reading our corporate wedding vows

When Rafael and I got married in 2009, we wrote these “corporate vows,” which we read during our wedding reception.

If we wrote them today, they would include more recent corporate jargon. At the time, they covered a lot of the latest.

Corporate vows

Let’s align our operations for improved synergy, as proposed in our joint mission statements. Our kick-off meeting can leverage our vows on a going-forward basis. I believe I can hit the ground running and find ways to productize these vows, aligned as they should be with your vows. We should, however, be aware of any potential project limitations, like resource and bandwidth issues, and attempt to triangulate revisions to mutually support as-needed contingencies. We can start by reviewing the low-hanging fruit to discover easily captured synergies, and develop SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. I will ping you later to touch base about this and see if we need to drill down further. To make our vows more impactful and incentivize our stakeholders, we will socialize them with our guests (those upstream and downstream), in order to motivate and incentivize the behaviors we wish for them to adopt. If we have issues with this, my ask is that we take them offline. At the end of the day, we expect a paradigm shift in this space, so we can live these values and ensure they cascade down through the organization.

Facebook reactions

A friend posted our corporate vows on Facebook and got the following responses:

Me: It was a good team effort, likely because of the synergy we leveraged from our aligned values. I know they were impactful!

Tori: Hysterical!

Stephen: It’s likely the merger will reduce duplicative operations and initially increase dividends to stakeholders. However, all bets are off if new entities are created — they are a tremendous drain on management time and cash resources, and the payoff, if any, is in the distant, distant future.

Barbara: Great caveat, Stephen!

Shirley: Future success of Rosana and Rafael may be measured by an increase in annual revenues and head count.

Barbara: Ha! Shirley, those factors don’t seem to be the bottom line for most mergers. I think one of the major assets for Rosana and Rafael is their partnership on a product named Luna. (“Meow!”)

Me: Our strategic vision for the asset Luna has not yet incorporated a way to productize or monetize that feline resource. I may have to incentivize her with treats on a going-forward basis. At the end of the day, my takeaway is that we need an actionable way to cross-pollinate the ecosystem and do a deep-dive on what core competencies Luna brings to the table. I’d reach out to her now but I have a hard stop.



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